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About Prem Persaud:

Born in Georgetown, Guyana, I grew up in New Jersey, and settled in the Tampa Bay area, Florida. Attended University of South Florida on a business marketing track.

My professional experience in marketing began at Valpak headquarters in 2008. The need for online and digital marketing was in high demand from their franchise clientele and our team was task with meeting these business development needs. The valuable services we provided for four years led me to my next venture.

I was brought on the team of one of their larger franchises to help direct-sell digital/online marketing services to small, medium and large businesses. During my six years with Valpak of Tampa Bay, I was able to help many small businesses especially in the Tampa Bay area with their online market space, from website design to Google advertising and also managed video productions, launched advertising on Youtube, and applied SMS texting programs and several other digital platforms.

In 2017, my love for helping small businesses met their marketing needs which led me to go independent and start my own niche marketing company, The G Team Agency. My dream to consult, educate, and directly help many businesses from different industries has now come to fruition! I conduct my own independent research and due diligence including attending digital marketing conferences to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing and technology so I can see what actually works best for small businesses. 

Giving back to my community is one of the core family values instilled in me and has become a very important part of my life and lifestyle. My love for Florida beaches and beach volleyball has led to my heavy involvement and commitment to The Peaceful Green Warriors that sponsors beach cleanups and other earth-friendly philanthropic events. 

Awarded Top Digital Specialist in the Nation by the CEO & President of Valpak / Cox Media Group

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Isabella Thayer

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Wayne Elkins

Sales Executive 


Wayne Elkins

Sales Executive 


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