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Tailwagger Pet Doors: Getting a new business of the ground.

This business owner came to us prior to starting the business to see if this new type of business would work. First we did online research to assess if there was a demand for pet doors in the Tampa Bay area. After finding data that there were people looking for his products and services, we created a NEW BUSINESS marketing plan. This plan included creation of a high conversion designed website, establishment of a presence online, and targeted ads to get new business. Over the years, we expanded our visibility by increasing our social media presence. This client has successfully grown by expanding their service area and hiring additional staff.

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United Taxi: David & Goliath - Successfully challenging the large corporations.

Some of the biggest challenges for the taxi industry are the new Uber, Lyft and ride requesting companies. By first identifying their customers, we were able to target the same customers as their large competitors. We used highly targeted online ads to get in front of these individuals. By tracking and measuring results, we were able to refine the program to increase customer leads. We were even able to increase the app downloads this business had for their app as well.

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Positricity Electricians: Turning over a failing marketing strategy.

This business came to us because they had a marketing program with another company that was not producing results anymore. We were able to diagnose the problem and suggest a marketing program that generates leads. By showing the client exactly where and why the previous campaigns were not working and implementing our new lead generation strategies, we gained the client’s trust because the program started working.

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Ageless Advanced Aesthetics: Being in front of the right customers.

Ensuring you get the right eyes on your business is critical. For this small business, we were able to create a marketing plan that generates leads and gains trust. Being a leader in their industry means that we have to show prospective customers that we have the newest treatments. We work directly with their suppliers to get up to date marketing materials for both their social media and online advertising campaigns. A local, trusted presence means the difference between a place you will go forever or someplace you would never set your foot in. Building their online credibility as a local leader in their industry has always been our focus, which has turned into success.

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